We helped Bhavik smash the IELTS and migrate to the USA!

Bhavik came to us for help after failing the IELTS many times.
He used the advice and strategies in our study guides to smash the IELTS, now he's studying in the USA after getting his US visa accepted.

ARE YOU Scared about failing the ielts?

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"Over 80% of students fail to achieve their desired band score, so it's normal to feel scared."

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Our study guides give you the EXACT strategies needed to achieve IELTS band 7+.
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Improve your efficiency

We teach you the most effective ways to prepare for the IELTS, so you can study more information in less time.

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Our study guides are designed to make your IELTS preparation as simple as possible, by giving you easy-to-follow advice that works for everyone.

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Our guides are developed alongside IELTS teachers & examiners, so your skills naturally develop like a native.

Make progress immediately

Your skills and knowledge will start to improve from day 1. No more confusion or wasted time wondering what to do next.

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You'll become more confident about passing the IELTS and feel prepared to succeed within a short space of time.

guaranteeD Results

Our products come with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you know you're getting excellent quality advice.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee. 100% Secure Checkout.

We help people just like you...

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Students Helped
1 K+

We help thousands of students prepare for the IELTS – just like you!

Years of experience
1 +

Our team includes highly experienced IELTS teachers & examiners to give you the best advice.

Target Band Score
7. 0 +

We only give advice that will help you achieve IELTS band score 7.0 or above.

Our past students are Achieving bIG things:

100% Risk-Free Guarantee. 100% Secure Checkout.

Do You Want IELTS Success?

Follow these 3 simple steps and start improving immediately:

STEP 1: Choose Your study guides

Download instantly and have the freedom to study at a time & place that suits you.

STEP 2: learn The strategies

Discover the exact methods to achieve IELTS band 7+ quickly and easily, so you feel confident about taking the exam.

STEP 3: Achieve IELTS success

Maximise your band score, stand out from the crowd and have the best start to your future.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee. 100% Secure Checkout.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee. 100% Secure Checkout.

We Care About You.

At IELTS Excellence, we know you are the kind of person who craves success & education and is eager to improve your life. But in order to succeed, you first need to pass the dreaded IELTS. The problem is most students fail to achieve the band score they need, which makes them feel helpless and incapable.

We believe everyone deserves the right to a better life without the worry and stress of studying for an English exam. We understand how difficult IELTS preparation is, especially when English isn't your native language. That's why we help thousands of students prepare for the IELTS with the advice & strategies in our study guides.

Here's how you can achieve IELTS success:
1. Choose your study guides.
2. Learn the strategies
3. Achieve IELTS band 7 or above

Invest in your future today by downloading our study guides so you can stop worrying about failing the IELTS and start your life of great achievements.

Common Questions

Here's the answers to some common questions:

Yes. Most people find the IELTS scary and struggle to achieve their required band score.

In fact, many people have to sit the IELTS many times, which is very expensive and sometimes takes several years.

Here at IELTS Excellence, we understand the difficulties you face (especially if English isn’t your native language), which is why our study guides have been designed to make IELTS preparation as simple and effective as possible.

Our study guides offer many benefits. Here are a few:

Study from the comfort of your own home. Our study guides are available on any device, so you can study anywhere you want – home, office, bed, cafe – it’s up to you! 

Make progress instantly. The information inside our study guides is designed to improve your knowledge straight away, so you will be able to see an improvement in your IELTS skills from day 1.

Study at your own pace. There’s no competition or timeframe to stick to. You simply work through the information in your own time – no rush.

Save money. Other courses charge thousands of dollars and lure you into spending more and more money. We keep our products affordable and never make you buy extras that you don’t need.

More choice. Each study guide is dedicated to ONE task, so you only purchase the guide you need, nothing else. You have complete freedom to choose the help you need.

Learn like a native. The study guides are written alongside native IELTS tutors/examiners, so you will learn like just a native – a great advantage in the IELTS!

No commitments. There’s no ongoing fees. Simply purchase a study guide once and it’s yours, forever.

No risk. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there’s no risk to you.

Everything you need in one place. You don’t need any more information from anywhere else. Our study guides contain everything you need to succeed.

Plus much more.


All of our study guides are developed by a team of native English IELTS teachers/tutors & examiners, so you get the best quality information.

You will also naturally learn how to answer the IELTS questions like a native (because that’s how we teach our students).

Yes they will. They work for people with different backgrounds.

We help thousands of students successfully prepare for the IELTS each year (with varying abilities). Old, young, native, non-native speakers, good English skills & poor English skills – we can help you achieve success.

Because we help many students that are in exactly the same position as you!

If you follow the exact methods and strategies we teach in our study guides, you will be successful in the IELTS . As long as you’re dedicated, put in the hard work and use the information we teach.

We also have 4, 8 & 12-week study timetables that show you exactly what you should study, and when, so you can monitor your progress closely.

You can download all of our study guides to your phone, tablet or computer and study at a time that suits you.

They contain step-by-step guidance to build on your strengths and improve your IELTS skills, so you never have to worry about failing the exam.

You can buy individual study guides (e.g. Writing Task 2 Study Guide, or the Band 7+ Practice Questions Study Guide), or you can purchase the whole bundle – everything you need for the whole writing section.


We email your study guides as soon as you have purchased them. Easy.


Everything has been written so you can understand it easily.

As we have discussed, our study guides WILL help you succeed – as long as you put in the hard work and use the strategies accurately.

Our products also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if your band score doesn’t improve after using the information accurately, we will refund your money. 

So there’s no risk involved!

Our study guides start from just $6 (USD), but the price depends on what guide you require.

Check out the full range for more information.

That is your choice.

We never force you to buy anything, but if you think you would benefit from a different study guide, then you can purchase it if you want.

We accept debit/credit cards or Paypal.

All payments are 100% secure, so you have peace of mind.

Our team are always happy to help – if you have any questions after purchasing our study guides, just reach out to us at contact@ielts-excellence.com

Not at all.

If you are able to read this page, you will be able to access the study guides you need.

It depends on your ability. Some people will be ready to take the IELTS after 4 weeks, others may need much longer.

Our study guides are designed to make IELTS preparation quick and simple, by giving you step-by-step help so you will start making progress immediately!

If you’re not prepared to study hard and don’t want to dedicate time and effort into passing the IELTS, we would advise you not to invest in our products.

Our study guides require you to be the type of student who wants to succeed and is dedicated to improving your skills. 

If you want to scrape by with minimum effort you shouldn’t be sitting the IELTS in the first place!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee. 100% Secure Checkout.

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We offer a 100% risk-free guarantee for our products. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, so if you fail to improve your band score after following the advice in our study guides, we will refund you 100% of your money, so you can be confident knowing there’s no risk to purchasing our products.