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‘This study guide contains everything you need to transform yourself into a Band 7+ Task 2 Essay student.”

Do you want access to the best strategies which will maximise your chance of writing a band 7+ task 2 essay in 2020?

Many students tell us they are extremely nervous about this section because they don’t know how to properly plan an IELTS essay, they have never learnt which strategies to use for each of the 5 question types and they have never been taught the band 7+ synonyms (amongst other things).

There is no doubt that the task 2 essay is one of the most feared parts of the IELTS because it claims so many victims…particularly those who haven’t prepared properly!

Now I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions, but I assume you don’t want to be one of the many students who underachieve in this task, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! Right?

Well, fear not!

We have put ALL of the band 7+ advice and strategies you will ever need in our GENERAL Writing Task 2 Study Guide. After working your way through the book you will feel more confident and relaxed about tackling the task 2 essay.

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Here's what you'll learn:

  • Understand The 5 Most Common Reasons Why Students Will Fail Task 2 In 2020

If you understand the reasons why students fail Task 2, you can take steps to prevent this happening to you. We uncover the 5 main reasons for failure in this chapter and teach you how not to be an underachiever.

  • Learn The 9 Golden Rules To Guarantee Task 2 Success

From your vocabulary to planning, if you understand these 9 rules of success and implement them properly, you will achieve at least band 7 in Task 2, guaranteed.

  • Discover The 10 Common Essay Topics You May Get Asked In 2020

By studying the most common Task 2 topics, you are more likely to maximise your success. We uncover what these topics are and show you exactly how to use this information to your advantage.

  • Links To The Best Common Topic Preparation Websites 

Improve your vocabulary, discover key synonyms and enhance your writing skills. Get access to the best websites to help you study the most common topics. 

  • Discover The EXACT Band 7+ Frameworks Used By The Most Successful Students For Each Of The 5 Question Types

Want to be a successful IELTS student? These detailed, easy-to-follow frameworks will show you how to effortlessly structure your essay and achieve band 7, 8 or 9.

  • Band 7+ Model Answer With Detailed Step-By-Step Framework Analysis

See our framework in action. In this section we show you how to write a model answer using our Task 2 framework, one sentence at a time.

  • Learn The 5 Types Of Question Every Band 7+ Student Must Know

Each type of essay question requires you to use a different essay structure. You must know what these question types are if you want to maximise your chances of Task 2 success.

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  • Understand How ‘The Snowball Effect’ Leads To Failure And How To Avoid Falling Into This Trap 

Master the ability to identify when the snowball effect is happening and learn how to prevent it happening in the real exam.

  • Discover How To Analyse ANY Task 2 Question 

If you can’t analyse a task 2 question, you are destined to fail. We teach you the precise steps involved in analysing ANY question like a professional, so you feel more confident in the exam.

  • Learn The Most Effective Band 7+ Essay Planning Strategy

Writing a plan is one of the most powerful ways to improve your band score. We show you the most effective way to write one and the single best place to write it. We also demonstrate using the planning strategy, step-by-step, in a model answer.

  • Understand The 4 Principles Of Paraphrasing And Use Them To Impress The Examiner

Paraphrasing is a key skill to learn as it forms a crucial part of your essay. Uncover the best ways to paraphrase to boost your band score, complete with examples.

  • Discover The Exact Synonyms Which Will Boost Your Task 2 Band Score

You should never try to learn long lists of synonyms – this will have a negative effect on your IELTS score. But if you learn our concise list of Task 2 synonyms, and use them appropriately, we guarantee you will improve your band score. 

  • Discover Our Exclusive ‘Four-Two-Fifty’ Word Count Technique To Guarantee You Write Enough Words In Your Essay

Learn our special strategy to ensure that you write enough words in your essay, without wasting time counting each one in the exam. This method will save you valuable time and give you peace of mind in Task 2.

  • 9 Noun-Verb Agreement Rules You Must Learn To Succeed

Writing sentences that don’t make sense is a sure-fire way to fail the exam, so understanding these noun-verb rules can be the difference between failure and success in the IELTS.

  • Learn The Proven Methods Of Using Cohesive Devices To Score At Least Band 7 In Task 2

IELTS examiners are experts in finding errors in your grammar. In this section you will learn all the tips & tricks to help you impress the examiner with the correct use of cohesive devices in a Task 2 essay.

  • How To Use Complex Structures To Score Band 7+ In The Writing Section

Understand what complex structures are and how to use them appropriately in task 1. How do you make them? How many should you use? Where should you use them? We discuss everything you need to know.

  • The Number 1 Complex Structure Pitfall

Discover the most common reason students fail to use complex structures properly in the exam and why it leads to band score underachievement.

  • Master The IELTS Excellence Task 2 ‘Damage Limitation Strategy’

Scared that you won’t know what to write in Task 2? Our ‘Damage Limitation Strategy’ will show you how to still achieve Band 7 even if you panic in the essay.

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