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Learn the exact techniques & strategies used by the most successful students in the letter-writing task.


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“This study guide is a must-have if you want to become a master at writing a task 1 letter.”

Fed up of feeling confused about the best way to prepare for writing task 1? 

Struggling to find a complete guide to help you write the perfect IELTS letter? We know the feeling! There’s a real lack of information out there for IELTS General Task 1…until now!

We have developed a brand new comprehensive study guide, cram-packed with the best advice, techniques & strategies to help you write a flawless IELTS Task 1 letter.

This easy-to-follow, fool-proof study guide will give you the confidence to tackle any Task 1 letter question, so you’ll walk out of the exam with your head held high, knowing that you’ve aced it! 

It’s easy to be over-confident and complacent about something you *think* you can already do. But don’t be fooled – MANY native English speakers fail to achieve over band 5 in the letter-writing task.

Most of us have written letters, in one form or another,  haven’t we? Many of us send emails on a daily basis or write letters for work-reasons. Some of us still send postcards to friends whilst on holiday. 

However, ‘Writing a Letter’ in the IELTS exam isn’t like sending an everyday letter. In fact it is FAR from it.

Why is this?

Here’s the problem…

Remember, the IELTS is an English test. You are marked by a professional English language examiner. There are certain exam requirements (things you must do) for the examiner to award you marks. If you don’t meet these requirements, you will not be awarded any marks for them. In fact, you will have marks deducted because you didn’t fulfil the requirements of the task properly. Examples include using certain words in a certain types of letter, not using the right synonyms for the letter tone, or having a suboptimal letter structure – you will be penalised. These are things that even highly-educated, English natives get wrong – they just don’t know how to write an IELTS letter properly.

In addition, you are timed. You need to write a letter to a very high standard within 20 minutes. If you don’t, you will fail.

Furthermore, you have to do it under exam conditions, sat in a large room, at a desk all alone, surrounded by other students all writing away. You will be anxious and your heart will be racing – because exams are scary, right? No-one likes doing them and being anxious is a natural response to stressful situations.

This is why writing a letter in the IELTS exam is NOT the same as writing a normal letter or sending an email. It’s completely different and it comes with its own set of rules.

There’s so many aspects of becoming competent at writing an IELTS letter. Things such as knowing the requirements, being able to analyse a letter question, how to plan a letter, knowing the tricks to identifying the correct tone of the letter, how to paragraph properly, which synonyms to use, how to generate ideas, what to do if you can’t think of anything to write… the list goes on.

You DO NOT want to be sat in the exam wishing you’d learnt the band 7+ strategies and techniques beforehand.

What will happen if you don’t know how to write an IELTS letter? – You will fail to achieve your overall IELTS band score.

Think about it… If you completely ‘fail’ Writing Task 1, this means you ‘fail’ to score over band 5 in the WHOLE writing section. The writing section is worth 25% of the overall IELTS band score. So if you ‘fail’ the writing section, you will most likely ‘fail’ the whole exam. Everything will have been a waste of time, money, effort and emotion. 

So, the most important thing you need to understand is that you HAVE to succeed in Task 1 in order to succeed in the IELTS overall.


Here’s the good thing…

The good thing is that the letter-writing task can be one of the easiest tasks to score highly if you know the techniques and strategies to impress the examiner.

In other words, if you score the equivalent of band 7, 8 or even 9 in this task (which you will if you follow our advice), you are much more likely to score band 7 or above in the WHOLE IELTS exam!

Imagine the feeling of telling your loved ones that you achieved IELTS Band 8.0 – amazing!

This is the EXACT reason we have developed the most comprehensive IELTS letter-writing eBook available in 2020. It contains everything you need to achieve maximum success in your letter-writing task!

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Here's what you'll learn:

  • Understand The 7 Most Common Reasons Why Students Will Fail Task 1 In 2020

If you understand the pitfalls students fall into in Task 1, you can take steps to prevent this happening to you. We uncover the 7 main pitfalls and teach you how to avoid them yourself.

  • Understand The 10 Letter-Writing Tips For Success

From identifying the tone to planning a letter, if you understand these 10 tips to succeed and implement them properly (using the information in the study guide), you will achieve at least band 7 in Task 1.

  • Uncover How Your Letter Is Marked By The Examiner

What does the examiner look for in your answer? How can you maximise your score? We uncover everything you need to know!

  • Discover The Common Letter Questions You May Get Asked In 2020

By studying the most common questions, you can maximise your success. We share the types of question you are likely to be asked in task 1 this year, so you can use them to your advantage. 

  • Learn How To Analyse ANY Letter Question 

Analysing a letter question is one of the most important skills you should develop because your WHOLE answer depends on it. If you can’t analyse a letter question properly, you will fail dramatically. We reveal the 3 Essential Steps of optimal question analysis.

  • Discover The EXACT Band 7+ Letter-Writing Frameworks Used By The Most Successful Students in 2020 

Want to be one of the successful IELTS students? Our detailed, easy-to-follow frameworks will show you how to effortlessly structure any type of letter like a pro’ and achieve band 7 or above in task 1.

  •  Step-By-Step Examples Of Model Answers Using Our Band 7+ Frameworks

You get to see our framework in action. In this section we show you how to write band 7+ model answers for each type of letter using our band  7+ letter-writing frameworks.

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  • Learn The Most Effective Band 7+ Letter Planning Strategy

Making a plan for your letter is one of the most powerful ways to improve your band score. We show you the 4 vital steps involved in writing one, show you the best place to write it and demonstrate using it in a band 7+ model answer.

  • Discover The Exclusive IELTS Excellence  ‘House With 4 Windows’ Band Score Booster

Want to know how to boost your score from band 5 to band 7, 8 or 9? We uncover the secrets of our ‘House With 4 Windows’ Band Score Booster Technique.

  • Learn The Single Best Way To Identify The Tone Of Your Letter

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of writing the wrong style of letter – this is something the examiner is testing. If you get it wrong, it’s game-over. We show you how to identify the correct tone and what to do once you have found it.

  • Learn The Different Vocabulary Used In Each Type Of Letter

We give you model answers with direct comparisons of the different tones you should use in your letter, so you will be confident in the exam.

  • Access To Bonus Phrases To Increase Your Band Score

Find out the exact phrases which are commonly used in most types of task 1 letter. Learn them, understand how to use them and reap the rewards!

  • Discover The Correct Way To Use Contractions In A Band 7+ Letter

Learn what contractions are and how examiners expect you to use them in task 1. You MUST get these right – if you get them wrong, you will be penalised massively!

  • Learn How To Use Idioms To Really Impress The Examiner

The examiner requires you to demonstrate your understanding of written English. The use of idioms is one way to do this, but they should only be used in specific ways. We cover everything you need to know about idioms in task 1.

  •  Discover The IELTS Excellence Idiom Bank

A list of idioms which can be used in most task 1 letters, to show the examiner you really understand how to write like a native.

  • Learn The Exact Synonyms To Boost Letter Band Score

You should never try to learn long lists of synonyms – this will have a negative effect on your IELTS score. But if you learn a concise list of synonyms that may be used in each type of letter, you will improve your band score. 

  • Uncover 3 Crucial Synonym Secrets Every Successful Student Knows

Learning synonyms by themselves isn’t enough for an IELTS letter. You need to understand the secrets of using them correctly and we will share them with you here.

  • How To Use Complex Structures To Score Band 7+ In The Writing Section

Understand what complex structures are and how to use them appropriately in task 1. How do you make them? How many should you use? Where should you use them? We discuss everything you need to know.

  • The Number 1 Complex Structure Pitfall

Discover the most common reason students fail to use complex structures properly in the exam and why it leads to band score underachievement.

  • 9 Noun-Verb Agreement Rules You Must Learn To Succeed

Writing sentences that don’t make sense is a sure-fire way to fail the exam, so understanding these noun-verb rules can be the difference between failure and success in the IELTS.

  • Master The IELTS Excellence Letter-Writing ‘Damage Limitation Strategy’

Scared that you won’t know what to write in your letter? Our ‘Damage Limitation Strategy’ shows the essential steps to still achieve Band 7 overall if you get stuck with the letter question.

  • Develop A Winning Mindset To Ensure IELTS Band 7 Overall

We uncover the 4 key mindset techniques used by the most successful students along with a secret success ‘Law’ which you can use to your advantage.

  • Exclusive Practice Questions & Band 7+ Model Answers

See some exclusive IELTS-beating model answers for each type of letter, written by native English tutors, that you can mimic in your own letter answer.

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