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Essential advice to help you achieve minimum band 7 in Task 1.


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The Academic Writing Task 1 Study Guide contains every technique, tip and strategy you need to achieve band 7+ in task 1.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Learn The Common Task 1 Pitfalls

Why do students fails to achieve band 7, 8 or 9 in task 1? Find out what they are and how you can avoid them.

  • Understand The Top 10 Ways To Score Highly In Task 1

Discover the 10 best ways to significantly increase your chance of scoring highly in this section of the IELTS.

  • Uncover What The Examiner Is Really Looking For In Your Answer

The examiner who marks your task 1 answer looks for certain things. We discuss what they are.

  • Learn How To Effortlessly Analyse ANY Task 1 Question

Successful students know how to analyse any question. It is one of the best ways to guarantee success because you know exactly what the examiner expects of you. We uncover the best technique to use.

  • Understand The Correct Tense To Use In Your Answer

The examiner wants to know that you can correctly write in a past, present or future tense, depending on the question. We discuss how you do this in task 1.

  • Master The Art Of Answering Any Task 1 CHART Question

What is a chart question? How do you answer it correctly? We provide the exact techniques to help you achieve band 7, 8 or 9 along with a practice question and a model answer to boost your score.

  • Master The Art Of Answering Any Task 1 COMBINATION Question

Discover what a combination question is and how to answer one with our band 7+ framework. Includes an example practice question and a model answer.

  • Master The Art Of Answering Any Task 1 DIAGRAM Question

Develop your ability to easily answer a diagram question and impress the examiner with your knowledge and skills. Includes a practice question and band 7+ model answer.

  • Master The Art Of Answering Any Task 1 MAP Question

Learn the best techniques to use for a map question, including the exact details and key words to use and the best framework to maximise your score. Band 7+ practice question and model answer included.

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  • The IELTS Excellence Task 1 Planning Strategy

Discover the planning strategy used by many successful students. A fool-proof method given in a simple step-by-step format for you to follow in the real exam.

  • The IELTS Excellence Task 1 Synonym Bank

Learn the exact synonyms to use and know where to use them in each paragraph to give yourself the best chance of success. This is a concise list as we don’t want to bombard you with lots of pointless words.

  • Bonus Synonyms To Use When Discussing Numbers And Values In Task 1

Learn some of the words you can use when analysing data. This is an essential part of how the examiner scores your answer, so you must get it right. This section will teach you how to do this.

  • Learn The 5 Secrets Of Using Synonyms In The Writing Section

Knowing a list of synonyms is not enough. We help you understand how to use them properly and how to avoid the common pitfalls made by many students.

  • The IELTS Excellence ‘Damage Limitation’ Strategy

Discover the best strategy to use if you are completely stuck in task 1, so you still achieve band 7 overall in the IELTS.

  • 9 Noun-Verb Agreement Rules You Must Learn To Succeed

Writing sentences that don’t make sense is a sure-fire way to fail the exam, so understanding these noun-verb rules can be the difference between failure and success in the IELTS.

  • How To Use Complex Structures To Score Band 7+ In The Writing Section

Understand what complex structures are and how to use them appropriately in task 1. How do you make them? How many should you use? Where should you use them? We discuss everything you need to know.

  • The Number 1 Complex Structure Pitfall

Discover the most common reason students fail to use complex structures properly in the exam and why it leads to band score underachievement.

  • IELTS Excellence Band Score Booster

We discuss a key way to boost your band score using ONE special technique.

  • Full Practice Question With Band 8 Model Answer Marked By A Real IELTS Examiner

See what a full band 8 answer looks like (marked by an IELTS examiner) for a task 1 question. The answer follows all the key principles we discussed in this book.

  • 4 Mindset Techniques To Ensure Success

Learn the most important, proven techniques to help you prepare your mind and body for IELTS success. These systems are used by the most successful people in the world, from students to athletes.

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